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Revisiting Nandi Hills


After dropping the plan to visit Nandi Hills quite a few time, at last we started for Nandi Hills, last Sunday Morning. Nandi Hills, as the name suggests is a hill situated around 65kms from Bangalore City.  Its been more than 5 years in I have stayed in Bangalore but this was my second visit to this mesmerizing place.  I am wondering how would I have kept myself away from such a beautiful place.
The first time I visited this place was two years back. But this time it was nostalgic, literally.  Reason was, the first time I had visited this place, it was evening.  I chose to come to this place in the evening because I am too lazy to wake up early :P. When I reached Nandi Hills it was 5.30 pm and one and half hours for sunset.  It was too mesmerizing.facebook_1472664031
There was this fog which was making the atmosphere romantic and mesmerizing. I took a walk further towards the extreme top and then to my astonishment I found that the thing which I was feeling as fog, was actually not fog but CLOUDS 🙂
I was so happy to walk inside the clouds. It made my day.  I sat on the top of the hill and enjoyed the view.  facebook_-1016615840I was feeling as light as the moving clouds.  Far away from the chaos of the city, on top of the hill silently observing the clouds, hills, never ending fields, it was just amazing.  facebook_151088369
Don’t have any other words to explain that feeling.
But this time when I went to Nandi Hills again, I was actually surprised. From my last visit, I was having the impression that Nandi Hills looks beautiful.  But in the morning it was actually far more beautiful than I had imagined.  We reached around 6 am in the morning and there was a huge crowd.  We had to stand in a queue to take the tickets.  It was 7am when we went inside, but still it was so beautiful that my heart was actually floating with the clouds there.  We did not took the roads that was well maintained instead we took the “kacchha” road to have a feel of the greenery.  I took my camera with me but I stopped taking pictures because more than capturing it in my camera I wanted to capture it with my eyes, I wanted to live that moment again and again.   n2
Again I was feeling very light leaving behind all the tensions and chaos.  Slowly and steadily we reached the top.  And there the sun which was actually looking like a moon, small and white, was playing hide and seek.  I stood there and watched the sun for quite a long time and I noticed I was actually giggling, while watching the hide and seek of the sun.  Then we went around the mountain and chose one place to sit and have the confectioneries which we carried and watched the horizon.  This time I was not able to see the other hill and the endless fields as we were above the cloud. But the feeling of being at the top and not able to see anything below was really nostalgic.
I spent nearly two hours there and returned with a feeling of visiting this place once more.
1. This post is written based on my experience.  The motive of this post is to express my feelings towards Nandi Hills.
2. The pictures taken from the first visit are taken from professional camera, but the pictures from second visit was taken from my Note II

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Nandi Hills

  1. Hey Thr,
    Very nice blog with amazing pics. Me and my sister are also planning to visit Nandi Hills on our activa. Was wondering if the ghat roads are safe to ride thr and if you rode a bike/activa thr? Did you guys switch off the engine downhill on the way back? Need some tips, Regards, Kusum

    • We have always visited it by car, but I think activa should be fine. The roads are good. Always wanted to visit by my activa but couldn’t. I hope you visit it and if you don’t mind you can share your experience. Enjoy

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