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Beauty and the shadow

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I was watching one of the FIFA matches the other day, the attacking team and the bull dogs of football, Argentina vs a very small team Iran. Nobody including me would have believed that a small team could give a very strong team this hard time. Knowing that Argentina will win, we just wanted to watch how many goals is Messi going to score today. And believe me we were expecting at least 3. But going till the halftime we understood that Argentina was having a tough time scoring single goal. The small team aka Iran was playing very defensive, the goalkeeper was doing a marvellous job. Till 90 minutes (the end of the game) there was no goal and we were sure that the match was going to be a tie. But exactly at 90 minutes Messy scored a goal.

After reading the 1st paragraph you must be thinking am I a football match reviewer. And if yes, then why is the title beauty and shadow. First thing, no I am not a reviewer. The reason I am writing this is I am amused by this series of events today. You must be thinking, so what? It was a thrilling match today, what’s the big deal in that. Yes indeed it was a thrilling match, but hold on to it, let me take you to another side of the story.

At 90 minute Messi scored a brilliant goal in the face of Iran. There was relief on the face of Messi, his team and his fans and at the same time disappointment on the face of the goalkeeper of Iran, his team and his fans.  At this point of time though I was supporting Argentina but my heart was with Iran. Talking to a fellow who is a huge Argentina fan, he said at least we won. So the point here is even though Argentina won with a beautiful goal, but a shadow of disappointment was dangling behind.  Being a very small team, which could have faced death long ago, the giant Argentina could only score one goal that to after 90 minutes. The expression on Messi and his fans face was not only of happiness of winning but also a relief that somehow at least they could save their ass from a small team. The beauty of happiness with the shadow of relief.

Many a things in life are beautiful but followed by shadow.  This is one of them.


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