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Living your dream


How it feels to realize your dream? How do you feel when you live in your dreams? Sounds good right? Sounds content.

It’s been a year now, moving to the USA, The Eagle. It was a dream to come to this place and accomplish and succeed. Though it was tough in the first few months but I nailed it. That’s definitely an achievement.
This day when I sit here in my rented one bedroom apartment, looking through the window, thinking of how the last year flew by. Like every year this year also flew by pretty fast, but this was an important year. I came to the states with big dreams and excitement and must say till date this country is making me amuse.


Rewinding. The first city I saw was Chicago. I landed in Chicago and missed my local flight to Atlanta. Instead of panicking I was damn excited that I got a night to spend in Chicago. Though I could not see the city as I was too tired, but taking a peek-a-boo from the hotel window made me very happy.



Atlanta was the place where I stayed for the first couple of months and it was magical. All of it. It was truly an American dream. The downtown, the Coca-Cola company tour, the amazing aquarium. It was fun filled. I loved the place where I used to stay. Often I used to go for long walks.




Then it was the second city after Bangalore with which I fell in love with. New York. I was there for around 6 months and every day was a new day for me. Every day that city amused me. The best part of stay there was, after a tiring day when I used to come out of my office, the city made me smile, making me forget all my tiredness and tensions. Looking at the people, the streets, the parks, the shops, not to forget the cafes, made me happy. Mornings meant to be started with a bagel with cheese and a coffee (I put on some weight because of it :-P) I became a fan of bagels at this place.




Then I moved to Boston. This city has its own flavor and color. Though I haven’t got much chance to see any of it because of the snow, blizzards and snow storm. But now the sun has started to shine and I am looking forward to know the city better.








The best part of living here in the states was finding the adventurous bone in me. I really had a blast visiting the best beaches of Miami and Key Islands, Worlds highest falls Niagara, some cool lakes, mountains, Falls of Vermont, camping in the mountains and kayaking I the rivers of New Hampshire, flying Helicopter in Jersey and visiting Universal Studios and Magic Kingdom, Orlando.

Nostalgic. This is how it feels to live your dream. I am alone, but not lonely. That’s the best part.


10 thoughts on “Living your dream

  1. Dear, I am so glad that you are living in ur dream which has come true. I heartly pray that may ur path ahead be more fun filled with more & more adventures, amusement & happiness. Love u & miss u a lot. Waiting to see you soon…

  2. Di it gives me immense pleasure to see that you are able to live your dreams 🙂 the write up was awesome and I loved it totally. Looking forward to more blogs from you 🙂 take care 🙂

  3. Happy that even after a year, you’re as excited as you were. 🙂

  4. Very well written,Kept my attention till the end 🙂 Wishing you good luck for all the up-coming adventures…

  5. Chase your dreams always ….when you achieve ur dreams …the pain u have undergone get vanished and makes u more strong enough to achieve further dreams of yours .we miss u badly …but missing us makes u achieve ur dreams …then missing pain for us is good !!!Enjoy each and every second of ur stay @ US .

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