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A day without Google


We are surrounded by internet(atleast I am) that we cannot imagine a world without it. Have you ever thought what will happen to you if google is taken from you for one day. Eww.. getting gooze bumps. You don’t feel that. Ok let me do a reality check.

You are talking to a friend and incidently got into some challenge let say “How many titles does Roger Federer have”. Now how it will be settled down. Google search. Funny though, as in earlier days to settle down a challenge like this we need to talk to as many people around us but still wont get it settled down. But the result that google gives us is accepted by both the parties.

You came across some word whose meaning you don’t know and if you are a curious creature you will run to find the meaning. Where?? Google. We don’t go to dictionaries these days. Hardly people/pupil have dictionaries, instead everybody relies on google/internet or a digital dictionary.

You are getting bored in office, you want to read some articles on any topic say “Ice cream Sandwich OS”, what will you do, run to the library. A big NO. Rather you will search it in google and check which one you should read.

You want to go to some restaurant and don’t know the way. Yes you can call the restaurant and get the direction. But where will you get the phone number. More likely from google. Directions?? More likely google.

You are a developer and as usual you are coding some crap but thinking it is the awesomest. You get stuck. Who is yoursavior? Will you run to the developer of the tool that you are using. No. Yes you will dig into it by yourself but till what level? You will need help after a certain level. Last and the bestsavior,GOOGLE.

So many more instances I can go on with. Moral is google has become an integrated part of our lives, without our knowledge. Its hard to believe that we have lived in a world without google for quite some time(remember when you were kids, Oh these days kids cant even say that, Sweet Mother of God) . So enjoy the blood of google in your body.